Rewriting the script

With the outcry over the recent shootings by cops, I think the people who support cops think one less criminal is on the street, (protect the cop first) I believe the people who are speaking out against the cops are stating police signed up for a dangerous job, don’t use deadly force until you know[…]

Water flush

i’m on this water flush. Similar to this here: Today, I drank 2.5 gallons of water.  I look like i’m fucking pregnant with twins! lol Tomorrow, at least a gallon and the next day a gallon. I’ll start to cut my salt levels tomorrow (still drank some wine today), and then by Thursday/Friday should be[…]


haven’t been to french laundry yet but the recent 3 michelin star BIT(YES STOLE) everything i seen at Brooklyn Fare from the smallwares to the wineglasses. but the execution of the food was not even close.  however the attention to detail for the accompaniments was AOK.  That means the salt and pepper shaker, the sauce plates,[…]

happy outdoorsman.

back when I was active on the spearfishing forums, everyone was posting pictures of fish, nobody was posting the amazing meals they were making with it.  It was important to me to bridge that gap – to tell the whole story and really make it about the whole process.  Now, I see big named divers[…]

food rants

No offense, but if you’re in America and there’s no asians in your restaurant, your food probably sucks ass.  That’s what we do.  We take pictures of food.  We dream about food.  We grew up eating good food so it’s easy to tell good from an imposter.  One time someone took me to a sushi[…]


So lately, I’ve been working on a project in San Francisco.  I was really excited when we started, and I’m even more eager to start the build now that it’s been about 6 months into the process.  But, the project has been approached in a slightly backwards way. Let me explain. When you buy a[…]

Eleven Madison Park

e16I’m pretty sure that a meal at Eleven Madison Park, the number 5 restaurant in the world (not that it matters) was the perfect bookend to an awesome week and half in NYC.  I believe the opening was Da Wong with Quintarelli’s wines.  Eleven Madison Park has this beautiful entryway.  Is this called a courtyard?  And actually, I’m still here so I have time to go to Donut Plant.e27Leave it to the fat jello looking guy to hand out food stars!e14the plate is an empty canvas, much like the courtyard, and small bites were the start of the meal.  e15the first bite was a familiar flavor in an unfamiliar vehicle.  green apple, cheddar, in a cookie.  sweet, savory, creamy, perfect crunch.  An awesome start.