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No offense, but if you’re in America and there’s no asians in your restaurant, your food probably sucks ass.  That’s what we do.  We take pictures of food.  We dream about food.  We grew up eating good food so it’s easy to tell good from an imposter.  One time someone took me to a sushi place that was supposed to be awesome in San Francisco.  No asians in a city filled with them.  Seriously?

People focus on fish but the other main focus should be on the quality + execution and temperature of the rice.

The noodle shops in the bay area are horrible too. even the “fancy” ones that charge $18 and you get two little slivers of meat.


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  1. You are quite right about Asians contributing to food opinion and especially in CA and doubly for the Bay Area. Just look at the contributors to Yelp. In fact I will go one step further and say it’s not Asians but rather ethnic Chinese who are the biggest contributors to Yelp.

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