Single best thing I had in Japan

this awesome. awesome. melon.  At a two michelin star tempura restaurant.  So juicy.  So much flavor.  It was glistening with its own juice.  I believe these melons cost 50-100 dollars each. Controversial? Maybe.  But great product needs little done to it.  Nature has already done its job.  


If you cook protein, Know that some animal died for the dish!  I have been to way too many restaurants that keep fucking up the meat and seafood dishes.  Please, have some respect and MAKE IT NICE


For lobster, Sea urchin, and Abalone, i’ve never had anything in a sushi restaurant (japan, US, elsewhere) that is anywhere nearly in the stratosphere of what was hand-caught. There are secondary and tertiary levels that you would never taste if you bought it from a market. the lobster in a tank starts eating its own …

pictures from Saison

the best part about this meal was the service and the wine pairing.  the somms ask you what you like and you basically get to drink that juice lol.  I told them Cornas and CDP was the mood.    

new years – homeless, resolution, restaurant testing

my new years resolution: feed more homeless. but not just feed them – find a way to create a program to rehabilitate the homeless.  do an outreach monthly. open the restaurants. feed people at the restaurant and scar them for life – in a good way. where they can’t eat another bowl of noodles without thinking …

Yamazaki Sherry Cask

Beautiful sherry cask Yamazaki in Ginza, Japan.  Average price $2484/bottle.  Didn’t know.  Drank it like a shot. LAWL. Damn! almost as expensive as the taxis in Tokyo! Link to some description here for the nerds.    

Akihiro Kurosugi, Osaka

this was bomb.   Sorry for the sideways pics. Will edit when home.  The Cod eggs sushi was very nice. At Akihiro Kurosugi, Osaka, Japan. Some videos on facebook! Easier for me to post there for now. Thanks guys for looking   Next sushi spot and 2 star michelin Tempura spot I’ll post later!  

Sushi is not just…

Sushi is not just FISH on RICE.  It is the perfect harmony, of the sweetness and warmth of the vinegared rice in perfect balance with the Neta/Fish that is either completely fresh, or has been aged properly to bring out its maximum flavor.  Then, the seasoning (salt, citrus, soy) needs to be applied with absolute PRECISION. …