Hanging Birds

I spoke with a chef who worked at the world famous faviken restaurant and a few other european restaurants on how they age birds along with Eleven Madison Park. Here were the takeaways: -guts in -hung by the feet -few days for small birds. A week or more for ducks -no blanching/no water for feather[…]

Pursuit Farms

Well, I started going with Pursuit Farms in light of the Lockdown. I meant to launch this before last year, but with construction at the restaurant, it wasn’t the right time. They wrote about it here: https://furthermore.equinox.com/articles/2018/06/allbirds-keep-priorities-in-check https://www.outsideonline.com/2411888/home-cooking-ingredients-upgrade But I really started this about 5 weeks ago though we’ve been supplying restaurants for a bit[…]

Not the Flu

Harvard to move out all students within 5 days. some of the best doctors and minds in the world. No, it’s not just the flu. -Received information from my cousin who’s a Harvard Med doctor whose colleague was on the CDC calls. – We are severely underprepared. -Numbers underreported. We’re behind by 3-4 weeks even[…]

Food or Health?

Personally I hate going to the doctor, to the dentist, and even get a haircut. But in times like these, I think that there are few more important things than our health – not just my health or my family’s health but the health of our neighbors and fellow citizens of America and of the[…]


This blog hasn’t been updated in a long long time 🙂  This is a famous wonton shoyu ramen in Tokyo, there was regular shoyu and also white shoyu, in Japan.  Not bad.  Cantonese are still king of wonton, by a long shot. Just testing to see if this blog will still accept me for neglecting[…]

Brooklyn Fare

3 star michelin restaurants… Price to value ratio and taste, Brooklyn Fare tops them all in the US. Along with food execution, you get Truffles Foie a lot of Sashimi Uni Lobster and no stupid fucking supplements!   and the pace of the meal is superb.