So lately, I’ve been working on a project in San Francisco.  I was really excited when we started, and I’m even more eager to start the build now that it’s been about 6 months into the process.  But, the project has been approached in a slightly backwards way.

Let me explain.

When you buy a home, you have a set of needs (You know… 10 bedrooms, indoor swimming pool, infinity pool, basketball court, gym… kitchen that not only looks unbelievable but has 14 functional high BTU burners, 3 ovens, at least 2 wine fridges (GOTTA have one next to the bed) and then you go searching for the space.  It’s pretty much the same thing with a restaurant.  You can build the interior entirely from scratch – but the building has to have the ability to support the concept.  If not, NEXT.

I was asked to lead a restaurant inside an already existing space (empty, though there was kitchen equipment and a limited hood).  But trying to figure out the concept for a multi-storied, 15,000 Sq ft space has been quite a challenge.

I’m proud to say I think I got it!  (After about 3 cases of wine).

And, if my last three fortune cookies are any indication of the truth, it’s going to be a unique, smashing success.





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