Hunting is not Glamorous

Hunting is not glamorous. 99% of hunting is not about the kill but really about the Hunt.   It’s climbing hills in either very hot or very cold weather. Getting sunburned and windburned, Sprained ankles, thorns, splinters, slipping down mountains and rockpiles -sometimes the elements get you wondering why did I do this again? keeping on the[…]

happy outdoorsman.

back when I was active on the spearfishing forums, everyone was posting pictures of fish, nobody was posting the amazing meals they were making with it.  It was important to me to bridge that gap – to tell the whole story and really make it about the whole process.  Now, I see big named divers[…]

Deer and Elk hunting continued…

The second and third days of hunting Montana were also a trip.  A trip in the sense of – long journey, but also trippy seeing so many “signs” (footprints, SHIT, and musky smells), and not seeing any animals.  You see, I thought that elk hunting in Montana (and deer hunting) were a given.  But, a[…]

First day elk hunting Montana

Quick blog from Montana!  Here’s what my first day elk hunting looked like…It looked something like this.  5am wakeup. 6am-2pm hike hills and hunt and look at lots of deer and elk droppings. 2pm-3pm rest. 3pm-6:45pm hunt until dark.  see one doe at 6:45pm. for hunting, it was kind of discouraging to only see 1[…]

Yellowtail Cutting in pictures

Go get some yellowtail either with a fishing rod or pole; they taste better than farm-raised (think wild salmon vs farmed salmon).  Smaller Yellowtail take a day to two to go through rigormortis and tenderize naturally.  Larger yellowtail, depending on the manner they were harvested will more than likely be 3-4 days before they are ready (the muscle fibers will still be tight).  You’re going to have to taste the fish in that time frame to make sure it’s perfect for serving.yt1

here, well-bled (while the heart is still pumping) yellowtail – cut the gills.  I’ve written a bit extensively on this.yt2

separating the loin from the belly […]