China and M.E. Tops hands down

China and the Middle Kingdom (oops Chinese bias again) East have the most history – the most trade, and the most advanced cooking cultures in the world. The end.  It’s not even a question.    Without knowing as in depth about the specific recipes of the ME as China, and, i’m generalizing and grouping as a whole[…]

HK / Thailand / Taiwan

I just got back from Hong Kong, Thailand, Taiwan, and then back to Hong Kong, and will update some food and pictures 🙂   On a random note, Trying to make reservations at restaurants that only accept reservations “1 month from today” is ridiculously dumb. Some shrimp grilling in Bangkok’s Chinatown.  #extebarri    


If you cook protein, Know that some animal died for the dish!  I have been to way too many restaurants that keep fucking up the meat and seafood dishes.  Please, have some respect and MAKE IT NICE

happy outdoorsman.

back when I was active on the spearfishing forums, everyone was posting pictures of fish, nobody was posting the amazing meals they were making with it.  It was important to me to bridge that gap – to tell the whole story and really make it about the whole process.  Now, I see big named divers[…]