KPCC/NPR Take Two's NPR – On The Hunt

On KPCC/SCPR today Check out more photos and stories – direct link here: On the left hand side you can listen to the piece!   I reuploaded the wild boar ragu recipe video, and will write you detailed instructions in case you want it 🙂 to come.  

Watching a hunt unfold in front of your eyes…

Literally watching your friend have a successful hunt in front of your eyes is soooo satisfying, and like watching magic unfold.  Every time it happens I’d argue that it can be even more satisfying than catching something yourself.  I spent the night picking 30 pounds of grapes, 60 pounds of pomegranates and #hunting a 325 pound #wildboar w/ Ori Menashe[…]

Monday's Schedule

2am finish blogging 8am wake up to go to Newport Beach to check out a wedding location 11am do a walk through of the kitchen and the space 12 noon meet up with pilot @foodtravelinsider for french pressed coffee (and he brought back amazing Pecorino from Sardinia 1:30pm eat pho in Westminster 3pm do work in[…]