Camaraderie in Hunting

I learned last weekend that there are very few things that make me happier than witnessing my friends have a successful hunt.  And to expose them to a world I am in LOVE!! with.  I don’t know exactly who exposed me to the world of hunting and fishing and cooking… it was a specific person? – I’m not sure – but… I know that it must be a compilation of a number of persons!!! So thank you to blah.

And though I’m not able to pinpoint exactly to whom I owe my current lifestyle, I want to touch on the camaraderie of hunting.  Imagine being part of a squad to blow up a hotel with a match and some newspaper and it went down.  It’d be something like that.  Maybe it’s engrained in my (our) DNA that when a friend or a tribal member has a successful hunt, then it’s reason for celebration – It’s reason for life, and happiness, and smiles.  To be honest, in the beginning I would be a little bit jealous if someone got something and I didn’t, but as I grow older I know it’s hunting and not killing, and that you get some, and you don’t.  But I think everyone deserves to experience this extreme happiness just as the wolf pack takes down a woolly mammoth and feasts on it for days.

From my last post I like to think we live in a world of good people; I also believe we live in a world of abundance.  That there IS enough to go around.  If we would just go explore, and eat up life.

Sharing the food and the love haz been some of my happiest moments ever!!!



p.s. Good job Tasteeeee on hunting and butchering your first wild boar!!!

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