Watching a hunt unfold in front of your eyes…


Literally watching your friend have a successful hunt in front of your eyes is soooo satisfying, and like watching magic unfold.  Every time it happens I’d argue that it can be even more satisfying than catching something yourself.  I spent the night picking 30 pounds of grapes, 60 pounds of pomegranates and #hunting a 325 pound #wildboar w/ Ori Menashe of Bestia.  To get that beast out of the kitchen is difficult – he hasn’t come for the past year since we opened the restaurant… And to watch his adrenaline go crazy was something else – before, during, and after the hunt was insaaane.  Every minute we were focused on one thing: camaraderie and Bacon.  Oh two things (I’m a neanderthal).

For the hunt itself, we spent from 4pm until 5:30am traveling and hunting and butchering and finally back home.  The pomegranates smell like juice from two feet away, and the exterior of the grapes straight from the vine was so crunchy and fresh, they reminded me of little apples almost like castelvetrano olives.  Sometimes I hunt vegetarian style, and others carnivore style and all of it comes down to working for good food. Now comes the exciting part.  What to make? 😉

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