San Francisco Day 1 Continued


After going through the first wedding space, I met the couple and started planning the menu for the second wedding that precedes the larger one in december – it’s a 120 person wedding at a winery with both a kitchen and a tasting room in DT San Francisco.  Very nice couple, love food & clean, light flavors.  Although there are a few dietary restrictions, the challenges make it interesting.  One time I had someone come into the restaurant and say they don’t eat tomatoes, garlic, onion or Parmesan.  How to cook italian food? …  NBD.  I’ve been mulling over the menu since I want every experience to be different and exceptional.  After that meeting was one of the highlights of my trip. […]

Making Something from Grassfed Ribeye

With a dish as simple as steak Tartare, the highest quality ingredients are imperative to the quality of the dish.  Here I use fresh shallots, nonpareil capers, a touch of mirin and zest from the oranges in the backyard.  The beef I’m using is 100% Grassfed from Montana through Bos Creek.  Usually I would not[…]