Akihiro Kurosugi, Osaka

this was bomb.   Sorry for the sideways pics. Will edit when home.  The Cod eggs sushi was very nice. At Akihiro Kurosugi, Osaka, Japan. Some videos on facebook! Easier for me to post there for now. Thanks guys for looking https://www.facebook.com/pursuitoffood/?ref=hl   Next sushi spot and 2 star michelin Tempura spot I’ll post later!  


it’s crazy that when we are freediving we don’t eat – All day.  Time is too short to let the blood rush to our stomachs because we need the oxygen to stay in our lungs.  Rather than to our stomachs.  Now – I am hungry. #yellowtail  

Rock Scallops

The way to catch rock scallops is to find them and pry them off a rock, quite simply.  The depths range from 5 feet deep to sometimes we pry them off of some good spots freediving at 75 + feet, which makes for a very good workout.  These areas have little pressure and large scallops. …