Pursuit of Food Tshirts and POF mission

One of the main things I want to do with POF is charity.  I like Meals on Wheels, and most organizations that FEED people, and have a strong connection with the Midnight Mission, a large, local Los Angeles organization that helps people back on their feet after they’ve possibly gone down the wrong path / rehab/ homeless.

The last meals on wheels event I participated in was a while ago: here is my last Instagram post from Celebrity Chef Orange County.  I cooked with the Bushnells, who…made Atari.  Hey, I grew up in Nintendo generation but all good.  I’m not a celebrity, but, I did get some new allclad!  It was a fun event…with a ton of people.  It was really awesome.


There are people far wealthier than I am or ever will be (many pictured above).  I will try to connect with them.  There’s a strong billionaire 1 degree of separation away whose major goal in life is to end world hunger.  Will be reaching out when the timing is right.

Anyway, I’ve given it a bit of thought, and one of the ways that I can scale what I do and have more power to it, is not to just donate my own money.  I will donate my time.  Oh gee sherlock, what’s that, $4/hour?  🙂

What I can offer I feel is limited.  I will offer my time to hunt, all while helping farmers protect their properties from pests.  For instance, a 200 pound wild boar that is destroying a property may cost ~ $200 to hunt over a few gas tanks, but to purchase something like this may cost $5/pound ~ $1000 for the shelter purchasing meat.  So the difference is $800.  For these, I’m not paying myself to hunt.  I will post about it when these charity events/hunts take place so it’s transparent.

But in short, and in other words, with collective money, and my time, I’m hoping we can provide something special to people in need.  Food is Love~

With that said, all proceeds from my original POF Tshirts will be used for charity purposes.  Teamed up with Hurley to create them.  Few weeks out.



the peeps at the homeless shelters and meal banks will be eatin’ gooooooooood





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