San Francisco Day 1 Continued


After going through the first wedding space, I met the couple and started planning the menu for the second wedding that precedes the larger one in december – it’s a 120 person wedding at a winery with both a kitchen and a tasting room in DT San Francisco.  Very nice couple, love food & clean, light flavors.  Although there are a few dietary restrictions, the challenges make it interesting.  One time I had someone come into the restaurant and say they don’t eat tomatoes, garlic, onion or Parmesan.  How to cook italian food? …  NBD.  I’ve been mulling over the menu since I want every experience to be different and exceptional.  After that meeting was one of the highlights of my trip.

The owner of a 3 story building + basement, HUGE space across from the SF Convention Center that hosts APPLE and Google twice a year – Moscone center-  yeah, across from THAT the owner of the building – we had a meeting and he wanted me to be exec chef and develop the concept of a prime rib restaurant.  The space is absolutely beautiful, good location in SOMA – which means south of Market (I guess like HouSEton in NYC)…

Anyway I’m planning hpoefully an awesome butcher shop, an amazing wine list, and HEY here’s the kicker.  FULL LIQUOR LICENSE APPROVED!!!


this is the third floor, undeveloped, looking for this to be a restaurant floor.  Having experienced Bestia before it opened where it looked like a dump (and now it’s beautiful ;p ) this is a great start.

I don’t usually have a good eye for potential for design.  But here’s a view from the second floor to the first.  Second floor bar concept, 1st floor still to be developed, but what about an amazing butcher shop + faster service place?  Meat aging room, amazing wine cellar.  Things would definitely need to be redesigned (kitchen for one – too small), bar toward the front.  I know, it’s a lot of work, and to work remotely is difficult, I wouldn’t be the chef day to day, but consulting chef.  Ah, who knows.  Give me a drink.  Owner owns the building, a lot to think about in terms of lease, business plan(s)…


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