Eleven Madison Park

e16I’m pretty sure that a meal at Eleven Madison Park, the number 5 restaurant in the world (not that it matters) was the perfect bookend to an awesome week and half in NYC.  I believe the opening was Da Wong with Quintarelli’s wines.  Eleven Madison Park has this beautiful entryway.  Is this called a courtyard?  And actually, I’m still here so I have time to go to Donut Plant.e27Leave it to the fat jello looking guy to hand out food stars!e14the plate is an empty canvas, much like the courtyard, and small bites were the start of the meal.  e15the first bite was a familiar flavor in an unfamiliar vehicle.  green apple, cheddar, in a cookie.  sweet, savory, creamy, perfect crunch.  An awesome start.


Watching a hunt unfold in front of your eyes…

Literally watching your friend have a successful hunt in front of your eyes is soooo satisfying, and like watching magic unfold.  Every time it happens I’d argue that it can be even more satisfying than catching something yourself.  I spent the night picking 30 pounds of grapes, 60 pounds of pomegranates and #hunting a 325 pound #wildboar w/ Ori Menashe[…]


  So I sent my friend a link for my new website and she came back with a different link eligible bachelor??  I guess I made MSN’s 39 Most Eligible Bachelors under 39 list LOL   LINK HERE I always say FOODISLOVE so… anyway some NFL and NBA players (KEVIN LOVE!) are on here too![…]

San Francisco Day 1 Continued


After going through the first wedding space, I met the couple and started planning the menu for the second wedding that precedes the larger one in december – it’s a 120 person wedding at a winery with both a kitchen and a tasting room in DT San Francisco.  Very nice couple, love food & clean, light flavors.  Although there are a few dietary restrictions, the challenges make it interesting.  One time I had someone come into the restaurant and say they don’t eat tomatoes, garlic, onion or Parmesan.  How to cook italian food? …  NBD.  I’ve been mulling over the menu since I want every experience to be different and exceptional.  After that meeting was one of the highlights of my trip. […]

Lamb Chops

Lamb chops – specifically – great lamb chops like Colorado or Sonoma = Nokia’s favorite 🙂 Colorado Lamb chops, over 3 pounds for the rack, fat cap on.  (is there any other way?).  See how the fat goes all the way to the top?  I don’t understand why they’re ever cut without this.  In a[…]