first day in HK

In Hong Kong, a lot of the wine stores are lined with tons of Bordeaux. I’m sure lots are fake. But, (we) Chinese like name brand everything… lol And – if it’s expensive, it must be good.  On the flip side, there’s a number of Penfolds from Australia (however Penfolds I’ve found personally very hard to keep track of, given that they name their wines by the lots).  So “lot 100” could be crap and cheap and lot 101 could be amazing and expensive (though the two are not necessarily proportional…unless you’re Chinese). […]

KPCC/NPR Take Two's NPR – On The Hunt

On KPCC/SCPR today Check out more photos and stories – direct link here: On the left hand side you can listen to the piece!   I reuploaded the wild boar ragu recipe video, and will write you detailed instructions in case you want it 🙂 to come.  

Top things I would make for potluck?

So I got an email:

Hi Erik,

Sorry to bother you. I wanna pick your brain. If you had to bring something for a pot luck what are the top 5 things/ dishes (appies can be included) you would make? 🙂 I had to ask.

Thanks in advance.


Short version:

Dear —–,

I don’t like potlucks.  


"Hookup" Ragu

wild boar legs and shoulders marinating in wine & aromatics & herbs

There’s a few principles that I use whether in a duck ragu, a wild boar ragu, or oxtail vaccinara.

1) I like to use the best quality meat in my ragus (all of my dishes, really).  I see chefs doing expensive pop ups using commodity meat.  I don’t personally get it.  For me, an animal has died so we might as well source the best ones.  That’s why I love the flavor of wild, and grassfed, and so on.  End of rant 😉 .

2) Intensify the natural flavor with bone and long cooking times […]

San Francisco Day 1 Continued


After going through the first wedding space, I met the couple and started planning the menu for the second wedding that precedes the larger one in december – it’s a 120 person wedding at a winery with both a kitchen and a tasting room in DT San Francisco.  Very nice couple, love food & clean, light flavors.  Although there are a few dietary restrictions, the challenges make it interesting.  One time I had someone come into the restaurant and say they don’t eat tomatoes, garlic, onion or Parmesan.  How to cook italian food? …  NBD.  I’ve been mulling over the menu since I want every experience to be different and exceptional.  After that meeting was one of the highlights of my trip. […]

Chicken Fire

Sooo, I was craving rice like a good Chinese boy and began roasting a Jidori chicken @ 500F (they’re tasty, natural, and much smaller than “normal” chickens) then I got ADD and instead diverted plans.  Stir fried lemongrass, curry powder, garlic, ginger…etc and coconut milk and wanted to pressure cook this thing.  I was hoping[…]