If you cook protein, Know that some animal died for the dish!  I have been to way too many restaurants that keep fucking up the meat and seafood dishes.  Please, have some respect and MAKE IT NICE


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  1. Foragingwino

    I am looking forward to your new restaurant, The Hunted, since I have the same philosophy as you do towards the animals I harvest. The animal gave its all so I try to use as much of the animal as possible including the bones. I am not one of those hunters who bones out the meat and leaves the wonderful marrow, which I smoke for flavoring. The bones are then made into demi-glace and glace de viande for use later with the respective meat. I evaluate the meat to figure how to use. When the animal is large enough, the muscles are separated into their individual muscle bundles. Can you believe eating shank muscles without having to braise, stew or boil because of evaluation. Just pan fry and throw in demi-glace at the end. It’s hard to believe the tendons are tender. It’s not only meat that can be screwed up, but when given fresh, young cepe for the chef to cook, that can be messed up, too. When you are comfortably ensconced your in your new restaurant, The Hunted, maybe we can share in some Rocky Mountain Bighorn or moose with a good bottle.

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