Wildboar Shoulder + menu for your daddy

Menu for yo daddy w/ commentary!  no pretty plates today, just ingredients. Rustic family style. fun.  Pork shoulder and fresh picked (from the trees or the ground) vegetables were the centers of attention.  Alice Waters would be SO PROUD! (and green, at the amazing vegetables – we pay so much attention to our marbling of our meat and forget the poor vegetables.  Racism?)

  • blackberry serrano emulsion w/ vodka …yum. The original line for smirnoff vodka – “it takes your breath away”. fantastic drink : )
  • Pineapple-sage mojito (that’s a type of sage, not pineapple and sage together  w/ ginger ale, lime, and rummmm)
  • champagne, Etna Rosso, riesling (we eat fish and pork). Oh and drink beer.
  • norwegian salmon tartare w/ homemade potato chip & generous dollop of Crème fraîche (the mandoline purchased on amazon is sharp, but a Piece o Shiet.  “thin” setting is 1/5 inch.  We tried what sauce would better coat the salmon. Bagna Cauda (anchovy) or creme fraiche.  added lemon for acidity and some fleur de sel to top it off.
  • fried nastirtium leaf… (it was supposed to go on something but we nibbled[devoured])
  • yellowtail belly w/ lemon, lime, handpicked cilantro, serrano pepper (originally the plan was to use the blackberry serrano (sweet, spicy) purée with the belly but the vodka called and we answered on speakerphone.
  • clam chowder w/ bacon (it was supposed to go with bread, but my co-chef decided he would play futball instead of be useful)
  • bowhunted & brined wild pork shoulder roasted & served with amazing fresh handforaged + handpicked vegetables.  (was nice to eat veggies with such a fatty meat. Note: the peas tasted so sweet they were similar to apples.  The spinach was bomb, and the nastirtium = spicy) served w/ polenta. ruby chard.
  • homemade tagliatelle w/ tiger shrimp (where’s the kitchenaid when you need it? hand-crank IMPERIA pasta machine works too)
  • porterhouse steak.  See: THIS FOR cooking philosophy..

this is my cooking philosophy ^ when you have good ingredients you don’t need to do much. just not f it up.  People try too hard to be cutting edge and fail to execute. #anger!

pork shoulder brine. garlic, rosemary, thyme, handpicked bay leaf, juniper berries, black peppercorns, salt, sugar.  The meat was flavorful the whole way through with the 12 hour brine

flowers and OH look at the marbling on the pork shoulder.  Now you can smile!

you say potato i say … potato.  (who says potahtoe??).  base for clam chowder. and random picture of russet potatoes before becoming potato chips

scoring the meat…the fat is beautiful so white and fresh and …yummy

oven a bit small, cut the shank off.  the fat layer on the pig was awesome. some clams expelling their sand, and the mandatory scale to make fun of each other.  

We wanted a sauce for the pork.  ever made mustard? Me neither.  It was amazing.  vinegar, mustard seed, hand-foraged mustard flower, mustard greens (the leaves), a little salt, sugar and a lot of awesomesauce…literally!  

*~pritty~*, then added turmeric.

handpicked spinach, ruby chard, mustard greens, potatoes for homemade potato chip, mix of manila and littleneck clams, blowtorch!

blackberry purée (went a bit nuts with the handblender) w/ serrano pepper & vodka.

the pork shoulder reduced by half. seared at high temperature then lowered to 350 and basted in its fat.  the neighbors aren’t too happy the fat got dumped on their lawn.  i won’t tell if you dont.

yellowtail belly with lemon and lime, olive oil, serrano pepper, hand-picked cilantro

me and chef Ori.  bowl of hand-picked(no, not from the grocery store) vegetables and marbled pork shoulder 

it didn’t last long.  The inherent fat and flavor of the pig was amazing! using the bones for rice-porridge.

pineapple sage mojito w/ nastirtium flower, making pasta with an old school imperia hand-machine

shrimp w/ homemade pasta, salmon base for salmon tartare + moritaka deba, nastirtium (fried leaf)

salmon tartare (shallots, fleur de sel, lemon, pepper) w/ homemade potato chip. to complete the dish: add a little fried nastirtium leaf + crème fraîche.  i went a bit crazy with the parsley.

my dad is AWESOME!  he doesn’t like to iron his shirts just drink.  And he is LOVING the pineapple-sage mojito 😉  Please encourage him to start his own blog PURSUIT OF DRINK(S)!!!


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