San Francisco Eating

“Reading goes faster if you don’t sweat comprehension.
-Calvin from Calvin & Hobbes

Once in a while I’ll take a trip and eat around a city.  Nothing was killed on this 2 day trip to San Francisco, CA.

I lied. This Awesome (Heron?) hunted a fish.  Something was killed! Hooray

burberry was not harmed

twin peaks

yummay banh mi & pork chop rice @ Vietnam Restaurant, San Francisco


the fruit was truly legendary. and expensive.

Tony’s Neapolitan style pizza in 1100 degree oven

wrong way looking for good food

a dog walked into a bar…AH! This is why golden retrievers are so happy.  Enlightenment comes at 2pm waiting for Hong Kong Lounge dim sum

3 types of oysters. kumamotos have been, will be, and forever and ever 143.

has anyone made lobster mushrooms with lobster

Recchiuti chocolate

peace to the rest of the coffees, awesome awesome place

ogling elk prime rib

Not too many pictures because devoured before picture taking!

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