NY home cookin' – Guanciale, Lobster, Squid ink + steakkkk



the writing is on the walln3


fifth aven5

paired w/ lobster & guanciale squid ink pastan6

amazing pairing with lobster, guanciale + squid ink pastan7

gorgonzola at the market n8

repping super long pasta + lobsters Whaaat.  bacon + seafood is a winning match.  Guanciale/pig face bacon is used to bring umami to the dish.  I combine a chewy squid ink pasta + flavorful lobster stock + guanciale + San Marzano tomatoes.

n12It’s quite a simple recipe: with three basics: make a flavorful lobster stock.  Make a peppery Guanciale that is salty and balance it with the sweet caramelization of the red onion.  To do this, render the Guanciale fat over low heat, then caramelize the red onion in the fat after straining.


If you don’t have lobster stock, make one.  I poach the lobster in boiling then quickly cooled water and poach the tail for 2.5 minutes so it’s still rare but removable from the shell.  Onion Carrot Celery + bay + thyme and the rest of the lobster body/head.  white wine.  cold water.  Always cold water for making stocks.  After the lobster stock is made, the lobster tail is poached in beurre monte, which allows butter to be cooked at a higher temperature without burning.  To make, simply boil a tbsp of water, then add and whisk butter.  Squid ink pasta & amatriciana sauce n9

Guanciale, red onion, lobster stock + squid ink tagliatelle from Italy, whole lobster tail. n11

pickled herring rollmops, olive oiln13newport steak. potatoes. portabella + oyster mushrooms.

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