Ito the Hunting dog (Video)

Hello, my name is Ito the Shiba Inu hunting dog. And this is my story of a random day of badassedness.

Yo dog, Yes, I YAM handsome!  You like my fur?  That pickup line is so passé.  But don’t let my looks fool you.  I’m also SMRT!  And exotic mix.  Half Teddy Bear, Half Shiba Inu, Ruff. 🙂

After posturing in pastures, I said, What are you guys going after.  Deer? Boar? ….



Wild anise, what’s that for, #Dougsoup?

Well I see Ori cutting vegetation, and My owner Meehan…what’s he doing? Picking flowers??  I guess I’ll just stand here (and try not to get eaten by the Chinese guy)

a few minutes later I found myself along the river bank amongst some Catstails, next to some dude hacking with a machete. “Where have I seen this before…Am I in Vietnam?… Westminster? …


YAYYy. Aren’t I cute?  My buddy and me.

Left to right: 1) Bay Leaves 2) Nastirtium (spicy leaf goes great w/ sashimi) & Nastirtium flowers (edible flowers – great in gin & tonic) 3) Mustard flowers & mustard greens 4) Sage 5) Pineapple Sage (sweet taste – great in place of Mint for a Mojito!)

As they went to talk to Akasha, drink Great White Beer, many fat tires, and Orin Swift Prisoners, I went home to chill, it was a fun day.

See Me in Action!  (Turn up the video quality).  #PursuitofFood


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