Meals on Wheels event – Saturday, September 7, 2013

There’s an EVENT.  Saturday, September 7, 2013.  St. Vincent Meals on Wheels.  Charity.  Proceeds go to the charity, not to the chefs.  Chefs donate their time and food.  So come out and support!

More details about the meal and the ticket price to come…but I’m pretty stoked cause… Here’s the list for the current chef participants, covered by ABC7 News & St Vincent Meals on Wheels


Ray Garcia: won the Cochon 555 competition with (pork) butt tamales, This Cochon competition is nationwide and #pig legit.

Kris MorningstarRay’s and Stark Bar has been hailed by Esquire as “One of the best new restaurants of 2011” and by the Los Angeles Times as “a feast for the senses.” The Mediterranean-inspired menu includes dishes from the restaurant’s wood-burning oven and grill, with an emphasis on farm-to-table, seasonal fare from executive chef Kris Morningstar. To drink: seasonal cocktails, a California-centric wine list, and artisan beers and spirits.

Michael Voltaggio: Won season 6 of top chef

Vartan AbgaryaCliff’s Edge

Sal Marino: Il Grano Restaurant: listed here on the top 100 Opinionated About Dining


and then…drumrolll…..


me.  My table’s gonna be awesome!! You can bet some fresh food will be caught 😉  Each table can only host 35 people, so stay tuned!




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