Breaking in the Acunto Pizza Oven from Naples! Pictures and Video (HD) from Bestia

The Acunto goes to +/- 1200 degrees. It weighs close to 3000kg and is a monumental piece of equipment and a work of art.  We had to use a crane to drop it in the restaurant since it wouldn’t fit in the front door.  Bestia just got approved by the health and fire departments, so after curing the oven for 5 days we fired it up for some brined Jidori Roast chicken, and Ori made Margherita pizza.  It’s fits right in with the Bestia theme – it’s BEASTLY!

yum yum yum

Simplicity: good mozzarella, fresh basil, san marzano, excellent excellent yammy pizza dough.  Grab a nice glass bottle of Chianti? Game over!

Will be making many things in this oven shortly, BRB going to go wipe the drool off myself.  It’s very cool! Check how it cooks:


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