Taco Dollar

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If you can find this place amidst the ambuLANCEs racing up and down the streets, the 5-0 patrol cars cruising to make sure the gangsters are overseen, the half dozen fire trucks sirening, and 747s booming overhead, you will find a homey parking-lot hangout where mexican CDs are sold, movies played on a 12inch Television screen and dozens of people sit on old wooden benches to enjoy the tacos of Taco Dollar.   Even in the rain.

On the west-side of Inglewood Blvd between 104th and Lennox just north of the 105 Freeway, Taco Dollar is fairly close for a Culver-City-er. But after eating a heaping bowl of Pho across town, it’s a bit more of a trek.  But 100% necessary and worth it.  Besides, when you make such a long ass journey, you feel more culture. More connection with your taco-eating brethren if you know what I mean.

Help yourself to heaping spoonfuls of cilantro and onion, aguamole…(sort of like guacamole. only more liquid.), and a nice, fiery peppery burn your ass – habanero sauce.  Today, I tried the cucumbers in their serrano/jalapeno sauce and felt the numbness for a few seconds.  The meats are good (though there are better at Ricos), but their salsas are the best from a $1 taco truck. not watery and bland like many others – there is viscosity and flavor.

Yes, the security guard here bears a gun, because on neighboring streets there are gang activities. (STORYTIME: Last week a friendly guy waved at me while riding his lowrider bicycle on a nearby street.  I waved back. He drove up in his long dickies, oversized white A shirt and slanged, “Why are you waving gang signs at me, i’m with blah blah blah Gang.”

I clearly wasn’t thinking, otherwise I would have told him I am communist torturer with the Chinese National Army. Have you ever killed somebody?  Oh well. There’s always next time.)

There’s a churro stand in the same parking lot after you wash down your 4 tacos and your $1 Horchata. Yes, you just got satisfied for Five bucks. FIE-DOLLAH? Yes. And you can leave with a CD or DVD for just a few bucks too.

If there’s a better deal in town, I don’t know of one, at least not this side of the border.  Personally, if I were the security guard, I’d have TWO guns.
To protect and serve Taco Dollar!

-And to respond to Crystal D? You don’t need a security guard with a gun if it were a safe place to be.

Just sayin’.

p.s. I also added the churro place under the name “Churro Goddess”

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