My Optics of choice right now


ZEISS…been around forever. super clear, awesome awesome optics.×26-t-pocket-laser-rangefinder.aspx?gclid=CPjXkO2ymckCFdKGfgoddy8HDw

My zeiss victory rangefinder is fucking badass. I can shoot the laser on something up to 1200+ yards away and it will shoot me back the distance.  In hunting, optics (binoculars, scopes, rangefinders) are your eyes so it’s very important to spend money on good stuff.  Anyway, love it.


TRIJICON: the US Military uses it.  It’s top quality stuff.

Well, my trijicon accupoints have a tridium illuminated recticle.  For boar hunting, I use the triangle because it gives a clear field of view(FOV) for quick target acquisition.  This is especially useful when depradating…  And,


For my longer range 300 win mag I use the illuminated Recticle crosshairs.  It’s 2.5-12.5 magnification.×56

trijicon2 trijicon

NIKON: I’ve only ever used their 10×50 binos which work good for night and have a wide FOV.  Good for scanning for pigs, and they weren’t too expensive ($100)



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