Bone Marrow

Bone marrow. It’s something very delicious, and something very prized in the culinary world.

It’s fatty, when cooked well, the outside is crispy and the inside has texture and not yet melted.  This is done over high heat in a salamander or wood burning oven at the restaurant.  Served with homemade green gnochetti/spaetzle, some fennel fronds, dehydrated olives and expensive aged balsamic for some sweetness and acidity.

bone marrow, roe, trotters

But Bone Marrow isn’t just for eating.  Unhealthy bone marrow can be from blood cancers and need to be replaced.  And in this case, a friend of a friend needs our help.  She needs to find a match for bone marrow, and she needs to find it Now.

Personally, I don’t know Nina, but some close friends do, and I value their opinion.  And to be honest, if I were in the situation where I needed some bone marrow, I know I would benefit from my friends and friends of friends and social communities to reach out.  

Take a minute to click and request a free bone marrow match kit:

After you at least read it, and decide whether or not that interests you, please comment what your favorite bone marrow dish is 🙂

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