Best pictures 2011

I’m not sure who took this but it’s beautiful. The girl had just gotten pepper-sprayed in a riot and her bf came to the rescue.  If it were me, I might bust out my bow. or nunchucks. Pursuit of Love. That’s what it’s all about. black suit. white shirt. black man, white rotting cow. iPad.[…]

About Me

Hunting comes very naturally to me.  As distinct from easy.  Hunting is not easy nor is spearfishing.   But my drive for it and my affinity toward it makes me believe this is my purpose here.  Sometimes, I feel like a Native American because I prefer bows to guns and a number of tribes sported[…]

I'm ready

the Challenge! The attempt to let the animals be truly free range and argue and fight for the best life possible.  Hopefully through the sharing of what is possible we may be able to show what is the most humane.  Hey, these animals have the best life and then one bad day! Here are my[…]