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Hunting comes very naturally to me.  As distinct from easy.  Hunting is not easy nor is spearfishing.   But my drive for it and my affinity toward it makes me believe this is my purpose here.  Sometimes, I feel like a Native American because I prefer bows to guns and a number of tribes sported the mohawk.  I do it every once in a while.

A brief introduction of me as the author of this blog. through mainly pictures and a few words.

mohawks are aero/hydro-dynamic. muy importante.

Love good wine & can be happy drinking SHIT wine. But one caveat – it must be supplemented by the presence of great friends.  I don’t diet.  and I love wine! All kinds. Pour me 3 glasses and give me a beer.  Blanc d Blancs, Champagne to start, Muscadets with Oysters, Pinot Noir with mushrooms, salmon, chicken, by itself…, 1st Growth Bordeaux.  I drink it all.  But deep down, I prefer Super Tuscans, Amarones, big California Napa Cabs, and then all the food-friendly stuff depending on what I’m eating. 🙂

At sea spearfishing. It is amazing.  And grouper is bar none my favorite fish in the world.

and my first Ram. I was really proud this day – my first day hunting land animals.

if you don’t walk the streets – not the streets of the city, but the pastures.  the hills of wilderness. the farms.  They have streets too. Parallel streets with no pavement. just dirt. No sirens no motors.  just nature.  If you don’t walk them at least every once in a while, you will be missing something. every time you stick your fork in your food and lift it to your mouth.  Won’t you wonder if the pork saw the light of day at least once in its life?

Won’t you be sad if the goat in your stew was raised in a crate, not an open pasture full of grass and healthy grains?  Try reading the newspaper and not knowing the date it was published.  Aren’t you a little bit lost for context?  How will you know how to fight for and encourage better lives for the animals if you don’t know the sad state they are in now?

This is who I am.  On the surface, it may seem hypocritical because I take lives for my sustenance and the sharing with my family and friends.  But my aim is to one day allow animals that I harvest to roam freely their entire lives – until that fateful day.  This I call True Organic.  It is my aim and my purpose to make the most beautiful (re)creations from God’s gifts.   To portray hunters and hunted in the most elegant, artful way possible.

Food is love.  Love your food.

Walk the streets.


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