Wild Boar Food: Seasonal Nuts part 1

On the private properties where the pigs come down to feast, there are ripe almond groves that go on for miles.  And where those groves end, uniformed rows of fresh, green pistachio trees begin.  As of last week, the pistachios were still soft, tart, and sour.  The thousands of trees probably go on for a full 10 minutes the way the crows fly, or if you eat crows, well, I guess they don’t fly no mo!  Breasting a Crow during a frustrated duck hunt.

You’ve got Questions:

A: It was not a street crow

A: I would do it again, absolutely, but not my first choice.

A: We ate it at 2AM.  It tasted like Venison, with a tangy aftertaste

A: I’ve been told my breath still smells good!

Onto the pigs: There’s a ton of food around, and though the activity of the month depends on what is in season, this month’s Almonds are ready.

two small wild boar footprints

big wild boar footprint

lotta wild boar footprints

wild boar shit, I think it has a healthy colon

It’s important to pay attention to the clues left behind so you know how to better anticipate the situation when it comes up.

-Which way are the footprints headed when the boars enter to eat?

-What times are most opportunistic and as we map out a game plan with miles of landscape to cover

-How fresh does the pig feces look, fresh? or like a fossil?

-Are there tracks concentrated in an area, and thus should we hunt this area because it would have a higher probability?

-How are the winds in the area, because if they smell the crow on my breath, will they dig it or be scared/scarred?

I’ll write more shit later… p2 coming up 🙂

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