TrueOrganicMovement – Operation: Ram – Part 1

No writing for this one. Just pix.  Wait for the food to come!

taking meehan to hunt again he’s addicted now

Pursuit of food, homey.  Rams


found a dead pig.

canon g11 camera + redfield rebel binoculars = artsy cool shot. scoping out the prey and finding out far left Corsican Ram is the target.

GRAPHIC! oops too late. Perhaps the captions should go above the pix?  Success 🙂

WOWWW those are big “rocky Mountain Oysters.”  Next Tuesday eating…gag. they’re big. Enormous.  they’re like 8 inches…wtf elephantiasis.

Very adept to climbing.  Except that one (toe?)

huntaz with killz

save kidney, liver, caul fat, heart, we can use it all.  Before you just give a cursory glance to the next picture, how about knowing where the meat comes from on the body?

“Deconstructed Ram…” 3 michelin stars.  I feel like Dexter sometimes. What the parts look like.

if this is your first time to the writing, please refer back; it will give you a broader perspective on the hunting process both in depth and scope.  We control the hunt, butcher, and prep.  And…the eating 🙂


food to come…


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