Today's schedule

My food schedule today…


7am: Pick up 50 pounds of duck legs.  15 pounds of Hudson Valley Duck Fat.

Go to mexican market to get parsley, thyme.  I cure the duck with parsley, thyme, bay leaves I foraged, black peppercorns, and some other secret ingredients.

10am: talk to Craig in Montana about the Prime beef coming in and set up a meeting for next week in San Francisco to discuss a meat distribution company my business partner is building close to Bestia and possible restaurant opening in SF that I will probably head.

12pm: have a call

3pm: Vitamix blends salt too high of a speed.  I hate how efficient this thing is.  Melts the salt and makes it too concentrated.

4pm: set up drop off for prime beef, aged 45 days at Bestia for 10pm

5pm: watch Jeremy Lin play the Lakers.  Salt the duck confit.

6:15pm: attempt to get to the storage facility that opens from 6am to 9pm.  Oops, 9am to 6pm.  No food processor for me.

6:30pm Go next door to borrow neighbor’s Magic Bullet blender.  Works, but need to shake the blender.

7:00-8pm: workout while watching the game

9pm: meet at Bestia w/ Josh Madson , run into a lot of other people at the restaurant.  Packed house. Can’t get a seat.  The usual.  Crystal, the pretty hostess.  I go to the back room to start carving some steak I want to eat.  We currently sell to the dry-ager who sells to Peter Luger – Brooklyn NY.  I’m playing around with the dry-aging process at Bestia.  Drink a cocktail – Chef’s Old Fashioned – made w/ bourbon and smoked lardo (it’s awesome).  Chat with Mixologist Karen Grill who was featured in GQ the past two months and is in the works of an Esquire web series to teach people how to craft cocktails.  She’s awesome.

10pm: sit.  Josh’s first time.  Smoked Mackerel Crostino. Vitello Tonnato. Uni Pasta are a must.  Chocolate budino.  about 5 pounds of 45 day dry aged Bos Creek prime ribeye.

1am: get home.  finish salting duck confit.  break wild pig into pieces. loin. tenderloin. shoulder. legs. neck. ribs. bacon.

3am: sleep


smoked mackerel crostino (L); vitello tonnato (R)119

bos creek 45 day dry aged ribeye; salad w/ pomegranate seeds, parmesan, baby spinach, pickled shallots, chilies19


taking the loin out before taking the ribs off the spine

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