Smoked Wild Suckling Pig Ravioli

I had a bit of boar left, and wanted to make some stuff that would stay in the freezer.  Ravioli is one of the few things that freezes beautifully.  

i oven roasted the bell peppers then covered them so they would steam for 10 minutes, making the skins easier to peel.  Then Purée the bell peppers.

i know the knife is a bit overkill for mushrooms…but… i’m blurring the lines between cooking and warfare since ’84.  also chopped some bell peppers to sauté with the wild boar

the dough was a bit dry with 6 yolks and 1 egg white per 1.75 cups white flour. so i added more egg white.

these wild suckling boar ribs from a 30 pound boar had some nice fat and great flavor.  I used a Mora boning knife from Sweden to take the meat off.

I took the meat from the cheeks and the head and didnt’ waste a bit.  If an alien came down to eat me, I’d want him to make sure not to waste me.  I eat a good diet, pretty fatty and tasty I’d be.

yes there’s a tail, this is smoked wild suckling pig diced up 

diced, then crispy in the pan with garlic

making pasta with a ratio of 1.75 cups of flour to a few tsp of olive oil, 1 tbsp of milk, and 6 egg yolks and 1 egg white.  a lot of flavor from the excess eggs, but a lot of work to knead it by hand

rosemary growing in my place, the thought is pig + rosemary or thyme goes very well, to make a delicious slowly cooked brown butter and cook the pasta in the brown butter.  

bell pepper & calabrian chilies Purée

DIAMONDS ARE A MANS BEST FRIEND! Especially when it’s Diamond Ravioli stuffed w/ shimeji mushroom + ricotta, wild suckling boar + red bell pepper ravioli, caramelized red onion, crispy wild suckling boar bits, rosemary brown butter & parsley oil.  a lot of different contrasting textures and all worked ftw


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