Stealing from a truck bed?

There’s been a lot to catch up on in the last week – 2 private dinners including a private wild boar dinner, a wedding tasting and a public STEAM Carnival fundraiser hosted by to raise money for NFTE / Network for Teaching Entrepreneur charity.  I’m really liking charity events because #foodislove and it is so powerful, and makes people of all cultures so happy when it’s good.  And when it’s shared, in good company.


Anyway, I will write on those later this week I haven’t even had time to answer emails – today I took off to the field and met up with a few hunter-friends.  I have a few coolers in the back of my truck and one of the hunters suggested I put it inside, rather than the truck bed because someone will steal it in the middle of a walmart parking lot.

But it’s in my truck bed.  To be honest, I believe in the goodness of people. Once in a while, I’ll get fucked for thinking that way, but I think my life is better off for it.



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