Food is not just a Product, it's a Process

Food is not just a product, it’s a process.

Here is a 26 pound Bos Creek Prime Rib, dry aged 30 days….


some pita for starters


Seasoning is one of my favorite parts of that process.  And probably the most important to achieve the optimal taste from your ingredient.  PS Why’s my wine glass empty?  Next restaurant going to install a wine fountain next to the Soda fountain.  Who wants in??

fresh ground pepper

gimme my wine

15 pounds here, w/ Torbreck 2007 The Factor, huge delicious Shiraz

this is in the “sear zone” – 3000 BTU’s; the right side of the grill is 1500 BTU’s.  

The marbling was delicious – it was one of the few times I wanted the steak Medium rare as opposed to rare to melt all that fat.  Afterwards, I seared the fat some more and made it crispy, mm it was so good.

Not much to reflect on here.  Not looking backwards, looking forward to the next one..  Same bat time next week ^^

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  1. Amazing! But even more impressive is the love and passion you continue to the table – literally 🙂 miss you!

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