Some MUST go to Hotels around the world

Sorry I don’t spend a lot on hotels but sometimes I do.

What separates the great hotels are the concierge services IMO.  In Japan, you can’t get into restaurants without a good concierge.  You can stay at a “4 star” hotel in Tokyo and they can’t get you in anywhere! WTF I don’t speak japanese, get me into the good spots!


I am currently loving:

Oriental Residence Bangkok, Thailand.  5 star hotel, about $130 a night.  Yes, NOT $1300/NIGHT.  $130! lol!  A complete steal in american dollars… and service is fantastic.  Pool is great.  You get room credit.  Top notch.  Much better than touristy places like Banyan Tree.  Have a driver in Bangkok – about $80 USD a day.  Amazing service, it’s way too hot to walk anywhere in the spring/summer…get one.  I’ll post the details.  We fucking loved bangkok! Amazing people. Better service than Japan.  Friendly and warm!  Great food and super complex food in terms of flavor.  He will take you to the SPOTS.IMG_7385

San Ysidro Ranch  – Santa Barbara, CA  I proposed here.  I had my 1 year anniversary here.  It’s awesome.  I can’t do it all the time though…

Food is pretty good and wine list is extensive too.  Everything at the mini bar is free except alcohol.  I like the abalone pasta.  Rooms are rustic/classic.

Nun Assisi.  Assisi, close to Umbria and Florence, Italy.  Love this aesthetic and the spa is dope.  Sounds dumb coming from a hunter.  Hey – sometimes you need to relax and go to a spa and get inspiration for your next dish.  Driver there called Paolo Falsinetti.  He will take you everywhere.


I’ll continue to update this list…just wanted to say i’m really damn happy with the above!

and i’ll make a restaurant list.

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