Fri + Sat food (Sushi & cooking at home)

My brother’s gf came to town and they always take care of me when I go to NY.

Last week I went to Sushi Zo.  It was very good, but very expensive.  Somewhere in the range of $400+ for 2.  one glass of sake and a beer and small portions.

Sushi Gen the service was quick


May lack some of the finesse in the rice but  it was excellent this last time. $150 + tip tax for 2, STUFFED. Big cuts of fish.

We had some amazing meals in NYC cooking and since she was in town wanted to make a meal like the crazy awesome ones in NYC.  Friend drove down from SF for this meal as well.   Had to go big or go home, oh wait, I was cooking at home!  Had to go big.

This was my crazy mise en place: geoduck clams, razor clams, maine lobster tails freshly snapped from live lobsters, Sonoma duck, wild boar bacon, whole wild boar that I took the filet mignon out tableside and vacuum packed a leg and half a back loin (super nice fat) for sichi to take home to NYC. 

I didn’t take any pictures for once.   Pierre Peters Champagne, 15 bottles of wine, razor clams, geoduck clam w/ spicy salad, wild boar bacon & maine lobster tail pasta, wild boar filet mignon w/ grain mustard…lifes good





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