San Francisco Day 1


HI!  I recently got back from San Francisco.  And by recently, I mean about an In & Out double double and an animal fries and 3 glasses of wine ago. (24 minutes)

Isn’t that how we neanderthals measure time?  zug zug.


San Francisco was amazing.  My initial plan was to go work, eat, and then work some more.  With drinks interspersed between the second hands and minutes and hours.  Every other anybody?  

The first day I met the wedding planner – in December, i’m doing a 300 person wedding in a beautiful building at One Kearny Street at the cross streets of Kearny and Geary / Hakkasan. Does that mean anything to you?  Me neither.  The building is awesome!  We did a tour of the setup and I’m pretty flexible so wanted to hear where she wanted to put the alcohol station (everywhere if it were mine, probably one big pool of wine, members only…bring your sippy cups).  then place a few stations.  The setup for the wedding will be mainly tray pass (the real wedding will be in Hawaii) – and then some awesome stations where people can come and pig out… yeah EXCITED.

Unfortunately, the kitchen is tiny with no counterspace (ZERO) so there will be a lot of logistics that will have to be planned out – some braises that will sit and get better over time.  Some items that can be prepared in a room that doesn’t require a hot stove or oven (crudo, salads[not my specialty]…I’m a carnivore and an omnomnomnivore but nomnom the vegetables therefore I am a vegetableivore I am NOT).  It’s a new experience in every kitchen but traveling 400+ miles with a crew, ingredients (some – only meat – seafood will be sourced there – and produce) – I’d like a duck confit slider that sits for 3 months in duck fat and gets amazing.  I’d like oxtail and Uni pasta (still thinking of a good vehicle to serve this in that is somewhat whimsical and won’t require real plates or servingware) since everything should be consumed in 1-2 bites for the smaller stuff.  It’s a wedding that spans from 3pm-midnight with two services  – one for the adults and one of the kids.  moahhaa…

As you can see, the floor is awesome and open and modern.  But this kitchen is like the size of my truck.  for 300 people.  time to rise to the challenge or go home!!!



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