See. Food.

Pictures of food while I confit 40 duck legs.

6 amaebi. one got eaten raw.  one with eggs.

oysters, 5 grilled sweet shrimp. one got eaten raw and missed the photoshoot.  clam chowder + chablis. duck legs + california pinot + french pinot/burgundy. Then some classic Tannat pairings

clam chowder w/ leeks & crispy bacon …and lots of whole clams

Ordered 4 ducks and 20 duck legs and ended up with 6 ducks and 40 duck legs. Roasted 1.

rendered fat from 3 and reserved meltedfat from the roasted duck. duck confit.

lamb chop, basil oil, venison chop w/ polenta

swordfish, bottarga

insalata caprese

radicchio salad w/ parmigiana reggiano, balsamic dressing

halibut w/ cherry tomatoes

vitello tonnato (made cinghiale tonnato) – veal w/ tuna sauce

Norcina sausage w/ black truffles pasta

grilled cuttlefish w/ green onion puree

sauteed scallops w/ beet puree, asparagus…

add foie gras and homemade guanchiale to complete 🙂

roasted lamb chop w/ green agnolotti

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