Sea Urchin Part 1 (on the water)

Totally missed the SoCAL weather and nice beaches on my trip to Northern California for Wild Turkeys and Dungeness Crab.  Palos Verdes has a nice number of sea urchins and for more information on which ones are good….click HERE for a conversation with Urchin Diver Rene Rojas.

the trail is not so slippery as others but, not so fun climbing up with tons of gear and bags full of urchin

it took me a while to find a good spot for urchins, dragging my ass through kelp and making dives to 40 ft looking for big, fat healthy mother fen tasty UNI 


ate a dominos pizza last night at midnight oops…. eSun enjoying the SUN … no longer caring about gobblin’ turkeys, just gobblin’ down this massive UNI.

Uni & Beach Life.  Food to be continued …

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