Ribeye and Rib Cap

My morning consisted of waking up to play Clash of Clans (I love building stuff, and computer games…it’s pretty much an endless game that is brilliantly designed) and it has everything to do with gathering more resources (much like real life in America) and then calling the heartland of America (Montana) at 8AM HK Time to discuss only getting the best pick of high-prime beef.  Two nonsequitur items that made sense in my head… I’ve gotten everything was nice…to THIS…BAM!


Usually when I get stuff, the packer is packing a variation of prime and high prime, but I now only want them to cherry pick.  Because the stuff is really really high quality.  Currently sold to the highly esteemed Peter Luger, and I learned this morning that the Bos Creek farm used to make a special cut for French Laundry called the Rib Cap.  Oh what.

highprime2wordRib Cap, the best part above the “eye” of the rib

 Then we got to the meat and potatoes of the conversation: my coming out to MT to hunt Deer and Elk.  mohahaha.


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