It’s important to have a relationship with your sushi guy in your town. Just as it is with a fishmonger..a butcher…or anyone feeding you really. For fishmongers…there’s very few in the US. Butchers…well butchers in NYC are awesome. Butchers in LA are weak. That said, KZO in LA is my favorite Sushi spot in LA. . the ambiance is the best overall. Most of the nice sushi places feel like cafeterias. Yes. Zo is better for food. Mori had good fish, but their rice sucked hard. But for Zo, it’s an exhorbitant amount of money. $550 for two? I can drink to stupidity at Kzo for $200 for two. Sasabune has gone downhill. Hiko, the chef was never friendly. Q, good quality fish, bad rice.
Timing is also something that most sushi restaurants are weak at.


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