Pursuit Farms

Well, I started going with Pursuit Farms in light of the Lockdown. I meant to launch this before last year, but with construction at the restaurant, it wasn’t the right time.

They wrote about it here: https://furthermore.equinox.com/articles/2018/06/allbirds-keep-priorities-in-check


But I really started this about 5 weeks ago though we’ve been supplying restaurants for a bit now. You can get direct at your home, conveniently vacuum-packed individually portioned.

-Pricing is comparable or better than a good butcher shop. Currently Lobels.com offering their 1# dry aged steak for $59.99. Mine you get 2 for $59.99 or 54.99 depending on the day.

-FRESH, Not frozen (unlike Crowdcow đŸ˜‰ .

-Also, I’ve compared some of my prices to other online sites, on a 12-14oz Wagyu I’m at $90 others are at $150. So, do the math.

-Also, nobody, I mean nobody probably on the planet can deliver you the quality. I’ve eaten Japanese Wagyu all over Japan. Currently I carry Ohmi beef (one of the top 3 beef brands out of Japan up there with Kobe Beef, and Matsusaka). I also have Kobe beef. And Hokkaido Snow Beef. And Olive Beef. (I met with the Japanese Government people at my restaurant in SF to host a week of Olive Beef dinners in June/July 2020, but sadly with Coronavirus, it may be delayed). I’m a stickler for quality, so you can trust this will be good.

Give it a try!! I believe we programmed a Coupon code for when you visit the site and enter an email address. I won’t spam you with emails. Just some useful cooking tips here and there, some specials, and a small coupon code. (My margin is way lower than others).

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