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They say that a picture is worth a thousand words.

But sometimes when I don’t have time for the camera, I still succumb to the beauty of nature, and just – Sit there. Lie there. or Stand there.  And in those moments, I feel a feeling so strong that even with my eyes closed – my heart smiles.  And the imprinted memory of such a perfect moment of the past is enough to take me back in time & erase the heavy burden of the present days and weeks, even lift me forward and up for the hurdles to come.

The Pursuit of Food is much more than hunter and hunted connecting in a crossfire of errant shotgun shells, rifle bullets, arrows, and spears;  it is a calculated mission to experience the Creator and the Created in the most candid, hands-on way I know how.  So when I am able to capture those pictures, it’s so special, and I want to post them on my forehead and run around with ’em.

Ironically, I received an email the other day referencing my first hunt that for me, not a thousand pictures could do justice, and certainly no paraphrase, either.  My reaction was the same – my heart smiled a big smile…okay a HUGE smile.  Like when I used to put salt on snails. >: )

Erik, by God. Light of the world, you are one.  You have a gift. You write from your heart.  I had a moment where I felt like I understood for the first time a new part of your passion for food – it’s not just the food, it’s the life, and not even just human life but life in coexistence, that you appreciate.  And there was a resounding pang and awe where I felt the soreness and heat, of the body but more the heart and probably your eyes as you stood over the ram, held it, felt its breath on your hand… it hurts but it is a hurt that, as you wrote, accompanies a self-promise and devotion.  And strengthened appreciation.  I see more of you.

Today some pictures of the wonderful place we live and attempts to capture some of those moments.  Food will resume tomorrow 🙂


Onlookers enjoying the moment

Sunrise of a hunt

The Sonoma, California coast after mushroom foraging

Slow Motion hunt action

I climbed this looking for a bird that goes chuck chuck… (chukarrr). They’re annoying so when you see them you want to catch em and eat em 🙂  You climb one hill and they fly to the next.  But that’s part of the Pursuit. (pain & agony)

Desert Hunting spot

No discrimination here. Seafood & Land food both taste good.  will SEE food tomorrow.


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