Ordered in.


If you’re unfamiliar with THE city, well get familiar with it.  Citibike is an extremely convenient way to bike around the city – that’s all i’m gonna say about that. b8

bridge pixb7

in Origami tshirts we trustb5

I watched through the window as the lady manned the grill and the cashier, and meticulously flipped and reflipped the jerky over charcoal for a delicious smokey flavor b6

I snuck to the back kitchen, and the camera eyed the stacks of high society pork jerky.  I took a few pounds to go.b4

NYPD on the river.  I’m unsure whether there is a Dunkin’ drive through on the water.  Enjoying biking along the water.


pretty awesome viewing setup…b3

HK Wonton House for Duck + Wonton & spicy beef + wonton.  Order in. Football.b2

red velvet cheesecake ice cream sammies.

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