Opening of Bestia

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Opening of BESTIA!!!

The official opening of our restaurant BESTIA (November 23, 2012) is preceded by 4 weeks of Test Kitchen – a fun social event that brings a different chef every night.  Chefs ranging from Louisiana, to Baja, Mexico to our home town of Los Angeles come to cook in the new restaurant space, located in the booming Downtown Los Angeles Arts District (2121 E. 7th Place, Los Angeles, CA 90021).    Opening night featured Neal Fraser, Walter Manzke, and Ori Menashe.  Wednesday had 4 different chefs, and last Night (Thursday) was the “preview of Bestia,” a tasting menu that would give a short snippet of what’s to come when the restaurant opens officially –

homemade salumi, flawless breads, fresh seafood, homemade pastas, proteins in the wood burning Acunto Oven, and pastry.

I’ve talked at length about my good friend Ori Menashe all over the website.  You can see our hunts, our dinners, food peppered in different posts.  I’m super excited about this restaurant project.  The past 9 months of raising money, talking with vendors, building, and dreams… are all coming to fruition with a packed house in the restaurant and bar – yummy and exciting food and excellent cocktails by Julian Cox.  We’re still rounding out the official menu and wine list ;).  Here’s a few pictures:

Charcuterie window, adjacent to the bar.  Salami and Alcohol?  Good place to be :):)

making mini burgers for staff meal

outside, in

Before service…wait staff tastes and gets explanations on new wines

Partner Bill Chait highlights service issues and priorities before dinner starts – it’s important to improve daily

Now that’s a fiah! – Eddie Murphy, Delirious

Mediterranean Sardines came in from Europe 12 hours prior to service – cooked over wood burning grill

charcuterie of the night, but, blurry, too much to drink

screenshot of suckling pig video

suckling pig

the bar before it got packed

Patio and front door

Ori explaining Fussili

I could live in every fridge in the restaurant, ESPECIALLY THIS ONE^^

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