One spot

smallfishMaybe I need to re-think things.  There is a particular spot in Palos Verdes that consistently has nice visibility even when the rest of the coastline looks like a toilet… so I bring first-timers there in order to experience clear water… but it seems like everyone I bring to this spot either gets lost, or almost dies, or gets seasick.  Even if they have been diving for 20 years.  I’ll admit, it’s not the easiest of places – there’s only a few entrances that won’t tear up your hands and feet.  the swell can pound your face in the rocks and cause you to lose your gear easily.  It’s not you, it’s me.

I usually only show the more “impressive” fish but hey, life isn’t always gravy and extra mashed P is it??  I dove my ass off and didn’t see many fish.  I’m curing these in salt.


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