If you want good quality seafood…

In terms of difficulty:

a) Date a diver. (I’m extremely difficult)

b) Learn to dive. (easiest)

c) Then, befriend someone who dives. (depends on your interpersonal skills, I suppose…)

If all the above fails… you always have Hong Kong.  The abundance of fresh live seafood is unbelievable here.  

The seafood doesn’t really start metabolizing itself due to lack of feed (which is what happens in these tanks).  That said, the quality can be exceptional.  Now if you don’t have the whole ocean to your pickings, Hong Kong’s live seafood selection is the absolute best. I started my live seafood experience at North Point Java Road (and will later go on to Temple Street, Saikung, and Lei Yue Mun.  Sai Kung has the selection, but the quality of restaurants is not as good as Lei Yue Mun).   The previous market pictures, though there were some awesome ingredients, really doesn’t get me as excited as LIVE SEAFOOD!!!!!!!!!! There are so many options with seafood.  Roast whole. on the bone. only the collars. only the heads. soup. do you want to steam it? How about deep fry. skin on? fillet?  Filet-o-fish? just kidding.  And then, in Hong Kong, the shellfish selection is the best in the world.  I am trying to do two expeditions in hong kong: 1) Cuttlefish catchin’ and 2) diving in Sai Kung.  For now these market pictures will have to do… tomorrow – Sai Kung!



lobsters of every variety and country are available.  Here, a nice 10 pound Aussie Lobsterlob7

these geoducks are way bigger than the ones available on USA.  It’s just bigger in asia…? Not a saying you hear…lob6

slipper lobsters look like a tick and a lobster mated at one point…lob5

these are called roe-crabs (literal translation).  They are mud crabs with roe.lob4

the thing about the seafood in HK is the vendors take the time to scrub the sand off.  It’s beautiful.lob3

the razor clams are also double the size of that which is available in the US.  lob2

baby abalonelobone more of this heavyweight

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