Maine Lobster Dumplings

Lately, I’ve been trying to stock my freezer with things other than hotpockets and frozen corn dogs.  Hungry Man Meals just aren’t cutting it anymore.  It’s nice to have something always on hand that is tasty, quick to make, and home-made.  So as I move boar legs left and Nilgai hams right, I’m excited to make room for… Libby’s Sausage dumplings.

Joking! Simple filling, poached lobsters w/ a few water chestnuts, some cilantro, salt, pepper, and a few tbsp of Mascarpone to bind it together.

Require: 2 large pots, 6 Maine Lobsters(these were 1 1/4 – 1 1/2 lbs, water chestnuts, cilantro, salt, pepper), Mascarpone

Boil Water 3gal, add 3/4c white vinegar, pour boiled water over lobsters that are placed in another pot, steep 3 minutes, rip off tails (or insert knife to extract more tail meat), return claws to water for 7 minutes

twist knuckles, remove.  Removing claw meat is a little trickier personally I think heavy duty clippers/shears are superior at making an incision to breaking the shell with the handle of the knife. One incision on the top claw, lower the bottom claw and twist left/right to break.

I’m a bit sad at the yield from just the claws, knuckles, tail.  6lobsters x ~ 600g = 3600g / 914g meat yield = crap (~ 25%).  But the lesson is, have an unlimited supply of lobsters, or use bigger ones!

my pictures with this new camera haven’t been so stellar. or is it because there were lobster guts on the lens?

tails this way are still extremely delicate and tenderhappiness is dissecting and devouring!

Cleaver it. Mix it up.  Claw meat, tail meat, water chestnut/cilantro

freezing them so they harden, then bagging them up in ziplocs

While you’re making dumplings, make a rack of lamb for you and your dumpling-folding partnerTada. Lobster dumpling warriors, ready for action. circa 210-209BC

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