Sept 7 Meals on Wheels LA Picnic


I’m pretty blessed to be part of this crew, (read part 1 here) and to be helping this amazing organization St. Vincent Meals on Wheels.  Voltaggio won top chef season 6.  Ray Garcia won the Cochon competition for pig.  Neal Fraser is an LA Standout chef.  All the others are legit with some of the top restaurants in the city (God forbid…not NYC but…) #LA #westsiiiiiiide

ME? I’m just a neanderthal m-fer.  Come join.  The format is: each chefs gets a table.  Each of the chefs will be donating all the food and their time to make a picnic for the 30-35 guests who join in their table.  The ticket sales go to help feed the seniors/meals on wheels :).  So it’s a great cause and we’re all in this together.

Someone asked me the other day… Why do you like to do charity events?

It’s a great question.  I’ve been blessed not to have to worry about food growing up.  Billions of people DO have to worry about where their next meal will come from.  Can you imagine?  They’re not thinking about lamb chops or truffles… they’re thinking about gruel and clean water.  Food and charity is something that I want to be woven into the fabric of my daily life, and at the end of the day it has to be one of the seminal things that POF/Pursuit of Food is about.  CAUSE #foodislove .  And it’s a privilege to do something for the community.  It’s a universal language (good food) = happiness is the mathematical equation if you didn’t know, and while some feel they “must” do it for their restaurant, etc, I know these chefs love to do it, and it’s something that we embrace.  If I were old, decrepid, and hungry, I’d want some good ass food too.  I’m not old or decrepid, but I am hungry…

FEED ME.  We have some great sponsors, but the real highlight of the event is the people we will be able to serve.  Thanks for being a part or this and if you can, please help promote it through a facebook “like” or “share.” Social Media is so powerful, and should bring attention to REAL problems and REAL issues, and making sure we take care of our community, our people, our brothers and sisters is one of those REAL ISSUES here and now.  


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