Lack of writing

Dear faithful reader,

Apologies that the meat and potatoes of the blog (writing + food being killed, cooked, and/or eaten) has been drenched by periods of absence – but there is good reason for it, and it will be uncovered shortly.  For now, two of the better menus of this week…

pacific gold oysters
sauvignon blanc
yellowtail sashimi
homemade beer – stout
homemade beer – belgian ale
tiger shrimp
duck confit w/ crispy homemade potato gnocchi, crispy duck skin & port reduction
Wagyu short rib
lamb chops w/ creamy mashed potatoes
homemade wine – 2009 syrah & vino robles cabernet sauvignon blend
blackberry & raspberry fruit tart & vanilla whipped cream

Lamb tartare w/ za’tar
Iberico ham croquette
Lots of beer
Yellowtail sashimi
Yellowtail belly
Sake and more sake
tuna, mackerel
Fried sweet shrimp
and now completing duck prosciutto

& a photo in nature to whet your imagination…

write soon,


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