I’m going to write a more detailed report with a bit of screencaps, but this year is going to be good with warm water, El Niño

I saw: Bluefin Tuna!

4 ft jellyfish

Sea lions harassing the catches

walls of yellowtail

Big single yellowtail

White Seabass

and Big Sheepshead.0169ce2ac742b4fc851c501da850a3b2bbd6a0166f


a picture of my bud Scotty who just got his airplane pilots license.  I have a feeling we’ll be taking some nice trips…017dc10b2a21f9be2a190d3e7900da65b8dd82fa06yellowtail and white seabass and calico bass on deck

Yellowtail2it’s truly amazing to get back in the water again and this is the epitome of good California diving – amazing friends, big fish, big smiles.

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